Writer: Nitin Pandey - Thursday, Oct 20,2011 9:00 AM

IRS 2011 Q2: Travel magazines grow by 31 pc over 2009 R1

<font color=#ED1C24> IRS 2011 Q2: Travel magazines grow by 31 pc over 2009 R1

The popularity of travel magazines in the country continues to grow as domestic tourism sees a boost. The average issue readership (AIR) of the genre has gone up by 31 per cent over 2009 R1 and by 12 per cent over 2010 Q2. The Indian Readership Survey has covered only three magazines in the travel domain – Bhraman, Outlook Traveller and India Today Travel Plus.

As per the results for 2011 Q2, Bhraman is the most read travel magazine in the country with an AIR of 2.57 lakh, a growth of 42 per cent over 2009 R1. However, when compared to the same period last year, the readership of the magazine has seen a growth of 10 per cent.

With a 28 per cent growth in readership over 2009 R1, Outlook Traveller is closing the gap with the leader in this space. The magazine has recorded an AIR of 1.87 lakh in this quarter, a 9 per cent rise over 2010 Q2.

The third most read magazine in this space is India Today Travel Plus. Adding 21,000 readers in the last two years, the current AIR of the magazine stands at 1.41 lakh, a growth of 18 per cent over 2009 R1. The growth has been higher when compared to the 2010 Q2 figure of 1.15 lakh, an increase of 23 per cent last year, the highest growth seen in the travel magazine genre.

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