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IRS 2011 Q2: Telugu publications consolidate their readership

<font color=#ED1C24> IRS 2011 Q2: Telugu publications consolidate their readership

When compared to last quarter, the top three dailies of Telugu language has seen growth in AIR adding almost 2 lakh readers. However, a comparison to corresponding period last year draws out a different story. While Sakshi has added 4.68 lakh readers in a year, Eenadu and Andhra Jyoti lost 3.63 lakh readers, combined, in a year.

With an AIR of 60.32 Eenadu is the most read Telegu newspaper. While, the daily has witnessed growth in the average issue readership compared to last quarter; as against corresponding period last year, it has lost 1.22 lakh readers. Sakshi, on the other hand, has witnessed steady growth in readership. Adding 4.68 lakh readers in a year, the daily has registered an AIR of 51.06 lakh.

Meanwhile, Andhra Jyoti, while added 1.04 lakh AIR in last quarter, the loss of 2.41 lakh AIR in a year has dragged its AIR down to 21.43 lakh.

Vartha, Andhra Bhoomi and Andhra Prabha, have seen decline in readership. However, over a year, massive blow was borne by Vartha as it has lost AIR of 5.48 lakh.

The recent quarter seems to have got some good news for the Telegu magazines. Three out of five magazines surveyed have seen growth in AIR. India Today Telegu is the only magazine that has seen steady growth both quarterly and annually.

With an AIR of 4.39 lakh Swati Sapari Vara Patrika is the most read Telegu magazine. However, over last year, the magazine had seen decline of 19 per cent in AIR, losing 1.02 lakh average issue readership.

With a steady growth, India Today has got an AIR of 1.43 lakh. Andhra Bhoomi Sachitra Vara Patrika and Swati, with growth in readership in last quarter, have registered an AIR of 1.01 lakh and 75000, respectively.

With a decline of 3 per cent in AIR, compared to last quarter, the current AIR of Andhra Bhoomi Sachitra Masa Patrika is perched at 33000.

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