IRS2011Q2 IRS 2011 Q2: Robust growth for dailies in Madhya Pradesh

IRS 2011 Q2: Robust growth for dailies in Madhya Pradesh

Author | Nitin Pandey | Wednesday, Oct 12,2011 11:13 AM

 IRS 2011 Q2: Robust growth for dailies in Madhya Pradesh

As top three Hindi readers added almost whopping 14 lakh readers in a year, most of the dailies have witnessed robust growth in average issue readership in Madhya Pradesh. English dailies, however ranked below in the tally, have also been able to attract readers.

Adding 6.05 lakh readers over last year, Dainik Bhaskar’s leadership remains unchallenged in the state. The daily has registered an AIR of 38.06 lakh, followed by Patrika which has an AIR of12.51 lakh. Patrika had added 5.26 lakh readers in a year. Patrika is closely being followed by Nai Dunia as its AIR reached at 12.26 lakh – a gap of just 25,000 AIR.

The only daily that has seen decline in readership in last one year among top five is Raj Express. Losing 1.20 lakh readers, Raj Express has registered an AIR of 4.92 lakh.

Meanwhile, Dainik Jagran has added 57000 readers in last one year, taking its AIR at 3.96 lakh. Adding 2.06 lakh readers in last year, the AIR of Nav Dunia has reached at 3.49 lakh. Dainik Agniban and Hari Bhoomi have also received positive readership.

Six-day daily DB Star has reported an AIR of 1.94 lakh, an annual addition of 1.35 lakh. Decline in AIR for Nav Bharat, over last year as well as in last quarter, has continued. Its current AIR stands at 1.52 lakh.

It has been a good year for topline magazines in the state as four out of five top periodicals witnessed growth in readership. With an AIR of 1.35 lakh, Meri Saheli is the most read magazine in the state. Not far behind, Nirogdham has an AIR of 1.34 lakh, ranked second.

Losing almost 4,000 readers in last one year, Pratiyogita Darpan has an AIR of 1.07 lakh. Adding 11,000 readers in last quarter, India Today got an AIR of 1.05 lakh, ranked fourth in the state. While positive growth in readership has taken AIR of Aha Zindagi at 73,000.

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