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IRS2011Q2 IRS 2011 Q2: Outlook remains glum for career/ education magazines

IRS 2011 Q2: Outlook remains glum for career/ education magazines

Author | Arwa Sultanali | Friday, Oct 21,2011 9:15 AM

 IRS 2011 Q2: Outlook remains glum for career/ education magazines

As per the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) 2011 Q2 results, Pratiyogita Darpan tops the list with an average issue readership (AIR) of 21.54 lakh, a jump of 27 per cent, over an AIR of 16.90 in 2009 R1. The magazine earned 3.51 lakh readers from an AIR of 18.03 in 2010 Q2.

General Knowledge Today at No. 2 registered an AIR of 9.77 lakh in 2011 Q2, moving down 13 percent over an AIR of 11.21 lakh in 2009 R1.

After adding 1.38 lakh readers in the last two years, Karmakshetra at No. 3 boasts an AIR of 9.16 lakh in 2011 Q2. The magazine also increased by 10 percent over the year.

Fourth player Competition Success Review went down 15 percent over last two years – going from7.66 lakh in 2011 Q2 to 6.54 lakh in 2009 R1. Meanwhile, the paper declined by five percent over an AIR of 6.87 in 2010 Q2.

At No. 5 position, Jagran Josh registered an AIR of 5.51 lakh readers in 2011 Q2. Ranking No .6 in the chart, Suman Saurabh registered an AIR of 3.82 lakh in 2011 Q2. The readership dropped 27 percent from the last two years, losing over 1.40 lakh readers. The readership for the same magazine increased four percent last year.

Magazine player No.7, Competition Refresher lost 15 percent of its readers over a year - falling froman AIR of 2.75 lakh in 2010Q2 to an AIR of 2.34 lakh in 2011 R1.The magazine’s readership grew marginallywhen the decline in readership base doubled to 30 percent – a loss of 1.01 lakh readers over two years.

Sitting at No.8, Lakshya lost 85,000 readers – a 27 percent decline over two years. The magazine registered an AIR of 2.30 lakh readers in 2011 Q2. Tell Me Why straddled at No. 9 and registered an AIR of 1.82 lakh in 2011 Q2.

Though the readership base forThe Telegraph In Schools saw a growth of 46 percent over one year going from an AIR of 1.09 lakh in 2010 Q2 to an AIR of 1.59 lakh in 2011 Q2, the magazine yet stands last in the chart at No. 10. It also enjoyed a staggering growth rate of 130 percent, a gain of 90,000 over two years.

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