Writer: Nitin Pandey - Wednesday, Oct 05,2011 10:51 AM

IRS 2011 Q2: No respite for Urdu dailies, plagued by decline

<font color=#ED1C24> IRS 2011 Q2: No respite for Urdu dailies, plagued by decline

All four Urdu dailies surveyed by Hansa Research have seen a decline in their average issue readership (AIR) over the previous quarter as per the IRS 2011 Q2 results. However, when compared to last year, Urdu dailies Siasat and The Munsif have been able to add some more readers. While during the same period, Inquilab and Urdu Times have continued to see decline in AIR.

With an AIR of 1.47 lakh in IRS 2011 Q2, Inquilab is the most read daily of the genre. However, the daily has suffered a decline of 14 per cent in its AIR over the previous quarter, and a loss of 46,000 average issue readership (a decline of 24 per cent) over last year.

Siasat has been able to maintain yearly growth with a hike of 8 per cent in its readership as compared to last year. But the decline of 20 per cent over the previous quarter has taken its AIR down from1.40 lakh in 2011 Q1 to 1.26 lakh in the latest quarter.

The Munsif has witnessed a marginal decline of 1 per cent in AIR over the previous quarter, whereas an addition of 22,000 AIR (a growth of 21 per cent) over last year has taken its current AIR up to 1.26 lakh.

Urdu Times has been facing decline in its AIR when compared to the previous quarter as well as last year. As per IRS 2011 Q2, the AIR of Urdu Times stands at 48,000. Interestingly, the daily has lost the same number (48,000) of AIR over last year. And, in the last quarter, the daily has lost an average issue readership of 5,000, a decline of 9 per cent.

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