IRS2011Q2 IRS 2011 Q2: Kannada dailies and periodicals reign in Karnataka

IRS 2011 Q2: Kannada dailies and periodicals reign in Karnataka

Author | Sai Prasanna | Wednesday, Oct 12,2011 11:24 AM

 IRS 2011 Q2: Kannada dailies and periodicals reign in Karnataka

With Kannada dailies securing the top five positions, a healthy growth pattern can be seen among the top 20 players in the state with the exception of three players. Vijay Karnataka has held on to the top spot in the state list, displaying the same trend as in Bangalore, with an increase in AIR of 5 per cent this year. As per the IRS 2011 Q2 data, the daily has an AIR of 34.38 lakh as compared to 32.68 lakh according to IRS 2010 Q2. The five Kannada dailies – Vijay Karnataka, Prajavani, Kannada Prabha, Samyukta Karnataka, and Udayavani - have added over 18.49 lakh readers over the past year with Prajavani pulling in the highest number of readers, around 8.04 lakh.

At the No.2 spot, Prajavani has garnered a 31 percent increase in AIR year-on-year, currently standing at 33.69 lakh, tailing Vijay Karnataka closely, from 25.65 lakh last year. Kannada Prabha has registered a 57 percent gain over last year, increasing their AIR from 8.62 lakh to 13.54 lakh. Samyukta Karnataka at No.4 has gained around 1.92 lakh readers in the state from last year, registering a 20 percent increase. Udayavani continues the upward trend posting a 24 percent year-on-year rise in AIR.

The Times of India is the first English daily to make it to the No.6 spot in the state. The paper has seen a 29 percent increase in AIR adding 1.30 lakh readers in Karnataka over last year. Deccan Herald follows right behind adding 1 lakh readers from Q2-2010 to Q2-2011 to stand at an AIR of 4.14 lakh. Kannada daily Sanjevani comes in at No.8 with a year-on-year increase in AIR by 2 percent. Tarun Bharat is the only Marathi daily to feature among the top 10 in the state. However, it has lost around 82,000 readers over the past year, currently with an AIR of 1.45 lakh.

Kannada daily Karavali Ale has recorded the highest jump in AIR in terms of year-on-year percentages – 214 percent to stand at 1.35 lakh. English paper Bangalore Mirror, appearing at No.9 has witnessed a 150 percent increase in AIR in the state.

In the periodicals list too, preference can be seen for the local. The top 8 slots are occupied by Kannada players with two of them seeing an annual decline in AIR. The other six periodicals have added a readership base of 4.48 lakh over last year. With an AIR of 4.60 lakh, Kannada weekly Sudha has emerged on the top in the state list too, with a 31 percent gain over last year. Taranga follows at No.2 with an increase of 64 percent in AIR. Kannada monthly Grih Shobha stands at 2.19 lakh this year from 2.08 lakh last year. Monthly Rooptara has posted a fall of 19 percent in AIR over last year, down from 2.07 lakh to 1.67 lakh. Weekly magazine Karmaveera has brought in close to 60,000 readers, recording a 94 percent jump in AIR. Kannada monthly Kasturi at No.6 has recorded the highest year-on-year percentage growth in AIR over last year in the state – 97 percent. English weeklies India Today at No.9 and The Week at No.10 have each registered an 8 percent increase in AIR.

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