IRS2011Q2 IRS 2011 Q2: Hindi dailies, magazines on the upswing in UP

IRS 2011 Q2: Hindi dailies, magazines on the upswing in UP

Author | Sai Prasanna | Thursday, Oct 13,2011 9:08 AM

 IRS 2011 Q2: Hindi dailies, magazines on the upswing in UP

Robust growth has defined the landscape of the print industry in Uttar Pradesh. An AIR of around 25.88 lakh has been added by eight out of the top ten dailies as per the IRS 2011 Q2 results. Hindi dailies have found favour among readers, seeing a rise of 24.3 lakh in AIR over last year. Among the top ten, Hindi magazines continue to dominate the UP market, with only one English publication appearing at No. 10.

With Hindi players filling the top six slots, Dainik Jagran has emerged as the leader in UP, adding 1.6 lakh readers, reflected as a 2 percent gain. However, the Hindustan at No. 3 has seen the largest uptake in the number of readers – 8.87 lakh, a 30 percent increase. Amar Ujala Compact at No.4 (+5.54 lakh/123% gain) and Amar Ujala at No.2 (+5.3 lakh/8% gain) have also added a significant number of readers from last year. Just these four players have acquired a whooping 21.31 lakh readers.

Hindi dailies Aj (+1.31 lakh/21% gain) and Rashtriya Sahara (+1.68 lakh/32% gain) have also seen an increase in AIR in UP. The Times of India coming in at No.7 has increased its AIR by 13 percent to 62,000 and Hindustan Times has gained 48 percent in AIR (+96,000). Hindi papers Navbharat Times (+43,000/52% gain), Dainik Bhaskar (+21,000/30% gain), Punjab Kesari (+4,000/5% gain), and English papers The Hindu (24,000/83% gain) and The Economic Times (+9,000/26% gain) have also seen a growth in their readership base.

iNext at No.8 (-1.07 lakh/17% fall) and DLA on No.9 (-1.22 lakh/28% fall) are the only Hindi dailies among the top 10 to witness a drop in their AIR from last year.

Breaking the jinx of a decline in Jharkhand and Bihar, Hindi fortnightly Saras Salil is at No.1 among periodicals adding to its AIR by 1.70 lakh, an upward growth of 26 percent. Monthly Pratiyogita Darpan at No.2 has seen the highest growth in the number of readers from last year – 2.51 lakh, a 54 percent increase. Hindi fortnightly Sarita at No.9 has added 1 lakh readers from last year, a 48 percent gain in AIR. Cricket Samrat has seen a 12% increase in AIR (+42,000), Hindi weekly India Today has seen a 10% increase in AIR (+33,000), and Hindi monthly Vanitha has seen an 8% year-on-year growth (+ 24,000). The English edition of India Today has gained 52,000 readers over the year, outshining its Hindi counterpart. The six Hindi periodicals among the top 10 have seen an increase in readership by 6.2 lakh.

Hindi monthly Jagran Josh at No.3 has seen a quarterly decline of 1 percent, currently standing at an AIR of 3.9 lakh. Monthlies Meri Saheli (-34,000/9% drop) and Grehlakshmi (-42,000/11% drop) have also registered a fall in their AIR year-on-year.

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