IRS2011Q2 IRS 2011 Q2: Growth in readership for topline dailies in Rajasthan; periodicals dip

IRS 2011 Q2: Growth in readership for topline dailies in Rajasthan; periodicals dip

Author | Sai Prasanna | Friday, Oct 14,2011 10:17 AM

 IRS 2011 Q2: Growth in readership for topline dailies in Rajasthan; periodicals dip

Topline dailies in Rajasthan have seen a growth in average issue readership (AIR) as per the IRS 2011 Q2 results, with seven Hindi dailies securing a place among the top 10 in the state. Of the top 5, four are Hindi dailies with The Times of India taking up 5th spot. The top five dailies have added an overall 5.34 lakh readers from last year with Dainik Bhaskar at No.2 (+3.04 lakh/5% increase in AIR) and Dainik Navjyoti at No.3 (+1.58 lakh/40% increase in AIR) registering a combined 4.62 lakh rise in readership base. According to quarterly figures also, Dainik Bhaskar (+1.13 lakh/2% gain) and Dainik Navjyoti (+59,000/12% gain) have seen the highest increase in AIR among the top 10.

Hindi daily Rajasthan Patrika at No.1 while recording a negligible year-on-year increase in AIR, lost 60,000 readers from the last quarter. Punjab Kesari at No.4 went from an AIR of 1.68 lakh in Q2 2010 to stand at 2.2 lakh currently. The Times of India registered a quarterly decline in AIR (-18,000/8% fall) while gaining 7 percent yearly (+14,000). Hindi daily News Today lost 32,000 readers yearly while gaining 10,000 readers since last quarter with an AIR of 1.5 lakh currently.

English paper Hindustan Times increased its AIR from 39,000 in Q2 2010, 51,000 in Q1 2011, to 64,000 in Q2 2011. Rashtradoot at No.8 witnessed a 35 percent in AIR year-on-year (+27,000) while registering a quarterly decline of 7 percent (-8,000). English daily DNA at the No.10 spot saw a 14 percent decline quarterly in AIR (-5,000) with a marginal increase of 1,000 readers from last year.

Periodicals have not seen a rise in AIR in the state either quarterly or yearly. While the preference for Hindi publications is evident with no English magazine among the top 10, 7 of them saw a yearly drop in AIR. Hindi monthly Pratiyogita Darpan saw a yearly drop of 4% in AIR (-16,000) and a quarterly drop of 2% in AIR (-6,000).

The combined year-on-year fall in AIR of fortnightly Grih Shobha at No.6 (-88,000/37% drop), Aha! Zindagi at No.4 (-31,000/16% drop), and India Today at No.7 (-30,000/21% drop) adds up to 1.49 lakh. Out of the 7 players who saw an increase in AIR quarterly, the combined increase in AIR of the top three gainers – quarterly Nirogdham at No.5 (+19,000/13% gain), and fortnightly Chotu Motu (+17,000/8% gain), and monthly Meri Saheli at No.10 (+15,000/21% gain) came up to 51,000.

Fortnightly Balhans registered a 3 percent increase in AIR from last quarter (+4,000), maintaining its year-on-year AIR. Monthly Cricket Samrat witnessed a rise in quarterly (+2,000/2% gain) and yearly (+3,000/4% gain) AIR. Monthly Lakshya registered a 4 percent drop in AIR year-on-year (-4,000/4% fall) to stand at 86,000 currently.

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