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IRS2011Q2 IRS 2011 Q2: Decline story continues for dailies in Assam

IRS 2011 Q2: Decline story continues for dailies in Assam

Author | Arwa Sultanali | Monday, Oct 17,2011 10:37 AM

 IRS 2011 Q2: Decline story continues for dailies in Assam

As per the IRS 2011 Q2 results, the average issue readership (AIR) of most of the dailies in Assam have shown a decline. The Times of India has made it to the top ten list in the state.

Assamese daily Asomiya Pratidin leads among the dailies in Assam with an AIR of 11.20 lakh readers in 2011 Q2 as compared to an AIR of 11.77 lakh in 2010 Q2. Meanwhile, second most read Assamese newspaper Asomiya Khabar witnessed a decline of 18 percent over an AIR of 3.95 lakh in 2010 Q2.

Assam Tribune ranked third with a decline a 10 percent increase – from an AIR of 2.41 lakh readers in 2010 Q2 to an AIR of 2.65 lakh readers in 2011 Q2. The same paper declined 5 percent over the quarter.

Racing in the fourth position Assamese daily Dainik Agradoot registered an AIR of 2.16 lakh in 2011 Q2, quarter percent down from the corresponding period in the previous year. While the paper moved up 3 percent over the quarter.

Taking the fifth spot Assamese daily Dainik Janambhumi registered an AIR of 1.69 lakh. The paper saw a quarterly decline of 15 percent losing 30,000 readers and a yearly decline of 7 percent losing 12,000 readers.

Assamese daily Amar Asom at No. 6 decreased in its AIR from 2.18 lakh in 2010 Q2, 1.92 in 2011 Q1 to 1.53 lakh in 2011 Q2. Benhgali dailt at No. 5 registered an AIR of 1.50 lakh in 2011 Q2, rising five percent and falling 12 percent over an AIR of 1.71 lakh in 2011 Q1.

Assamese daily Dainik Assam at No. 7 decreased in its AIR from 1.33 lakh in 2010 Q2, 89,000 in 2011 Q1 to 75,000 in 2011 Q2. Assamese daily Aji Asom claimed the ninth spot and registered an AIR of 69,000 in 2011 Q2, down 12 percent over an AIR of 78,000 in the same period previous quarter.

Following Dainik Assam, English daily Telegraph saw a decline of 45 percent over an AIR of 89,000 in 2010 Q2. The paper also sought the last position with a quarter percent decline over 2011 Q1 results.

As per the Indian Readership Survey 2011 Q2 results, four of the top 10 magazines in the state saw a loss of 1.74 lakh readers over last year and 82,000 readers over the previous quarter. The rest of the magazines contributed 1.42 lakh readers over the year and 23,000 over the quarter. Anandalok and Tinkle – Amar Chitrakatha saw a three-digit increase over the year.

Assamese monthly Bismoi leads among the magazines in Assam with an AIR of 2.99 lakh in 2011 Q2 losing 47,000 readers. Weekly Assamese magazine Sadin takes the second place with an AIR of 2.31 lakh in 2011 Q2, losing 39,000 readers. Both the magazine saw a drop of 14 percent over the year.

While Bismoi saw a drop of 5 percent over the quarter, Sadin yet again saw a drop of 14 percent over the quarter, losing 38,000 readers. Third most read Assamese magazine Nandini saw a decline of 21 percent at an AIR of 1.58 lakh in 2011 Q2 as against 2 lakh in 2010 Q2. The same magazine lost 32,000 readers over the quarter.

Assamese monthly Priyo Sakhi at No. 4 witnessed a decline of 23 percent, losing 46,000 readers over the year and a decline of 20 percent over the quarter over an AIR of 1.99 lakh in 2011 Q1. The AIR for this magazine this year stands at 1.57 lakh. Fortnightly Assamese Prantik at No. 5 witnessed a four percent stands at an AIR of 78,000 as compared to its AIR of 81,000 in 2011 Q2. English monthly General Knowledge Today at No. 6 with an AIR of 56,000 in 2011 Q2, up 33 percent from an AIR of 42,000 in 2010 Q2.

English monthly magazine Tinkle Amar-Chitrakatha at No. 7 with an AIR of 29,000 in 2011 Q2 shot up by 383 percent or by an additional 23,000 readers. The magazine also saw a quarterly increase of 32 percent over an AIR of 22,000 in 2011 Q1. Like Tinkle magazine, Infomedia Yellow Pages at No. 8 also registered an AIR of 29,000 in 2011 Q2 but the magazine saw an increase of 71 percent over the year.

English magazine Wisdom took the ninth spot when it recorded an AIR of 24,000 in 2011 Q2, up four percent over an AIR of 23,000 in 2010 Q2. Infomedia Yellow Pages as well as Wisdom saw a quarterly decline of four percent – each losing 1,000 readers from the same period in the previous quarter.

Bengali Fortnightly Anandalok climbed up the charts to claim to the tenth spot with an AIR of 23,000 in 2011 Q2 compared to an AIR of 9,000 in 2010 Q2 – a staggering 156 percent increase. The magazine went down 15 percent losing 4,000 readers over the quarter.

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