IRS2011Q2 IRS 2011 Q2: Barring Lokmat & Daily Sakal, a gloomy year for Marathi dailies

IRS 2011 Q2: Barring Lokmat & Daily Sakal, a gloomy year for Marathi dailies

Author | Nitin Pandey | Wednesday, Oct 05,2011 10:42 AM

 IRS 2011 Q2: Barring Lokmat & Daily Sakal, a gloomy year for Marathi dailies

As per the IRS 2011 Q2 results, the Marathi newspaper market has continued to see decline in average issue readership (AIR) of most dailies. However, amid decline, the top two dailies – Lokmat and Daily Sakal - have added almost 4.39 lakh readers, combined, in a year. There isn’t much cheer for Marathi periodicals as well with the top four magazines surveyed showing decline in AIR.

Adding almost 2 lakh readers as compared to last year, the AIR of Lokmat has reached 75.95 lakh in IRS 2011 Q2. Also, the daily has added almost 1 lakh readers in the last quarter. Meanwhile, for Daily Sakal the last quarter has brough negative readership of 3 per cent. Losing almost 1.20 lakh readers in the last quarter, Daily Sakal has registered an AIR of 44.48 lakh in 2011 Q2. When compared to the year ago results, the newspaper has added AIR of 2.46 lakh.

Barring the top two players, the second rung of dailies among the Top 10 have registered decline in AIR as compared to last year. Losing an AIR of 71,000 over the previous quarter, the current AIR of Pudhari stands at 25.88 lakh.

Meanwhile, with a loss of 4.59 lakh AIR, Punya Nagari had borne the biggest blow to its readership. The AIR of the daily has gone down to 17.25 lakh in 2011 Q2, as compared to 21.84 lakh in 2010 Q2. With a marginal decline of 1 per cent, Maharashtra Times has registered an AIR of 11.40 lakhin the latest quarter.

Loksatta, Tarun Bharat and Deshonatti had been able to attract readers over the previous quarter as the AIR of all the three dailies has gone up, adding almost 1 lakh readers, combined.

Navakal and Mumbai Choufer together have lost almost 3.81 lakh AIR over last year. Losing 39,000 AIR over the previous quarter, Navakal has registered an AIR of 5.73 lakh in 2011 Q2. Meanwhile, with a quarterly decline of 4 per cent, Mumbai Choufer has reported an AIR of 5.17 lakh.

Gloomy Trends for Periodicals:
According to IRS 2011 Q2 results, all the four periodicals surveyed, including weeklies and monthlies, have witnessed decline in average issue readership. With an AIR of 2.40 lakh, Grihashobhika is the most read Marathi magazine. The AIR of Saptahik Sakal has come down from 2.22 lakh in 2010 Q2 to 1.66 lakh in 2011 Q2, decline of 25 per cent.

Monthly magazine Lokrajya has reported an AIR of 74,000, down from 1.29 lakh in the corresponding period last year. Weekly Lokprabha had registered an AIR of 45,000 in IRS 2011 Q2.

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