IRS2011Q1 IRS 2011 Q1: Poor show by Hindi dailies in Chandigarh; English grows

IRS 2011 Q1: Poor show by Hindi dailies in Chandigarh; English grows

Author | Nitin Pandey | Tuesday, Jun 28,2011 11:04 AM

IRS 2011 Q1: Poor show by Hindi dailies in Chandigarh; English grows

Barring Punjab Kesari, all Hindi dailies in Chandigarh have witnessed decline in their average issue readership (AIR) numbers as per the IRS 2011 Q1 data. However, with growth for a few English dailies, the AIR of ‘Any English’ daily is up by 4.60 per cent in the Union Territory.

Hindi Dailies:
Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar, which is the most read daily of the state as per the AIR numbers, in recent round of IRS has reported a decline of 13.71 per cent in its average issue readership, compared to last year. Current AIR of Dainik Bhaskar in the state stands at 1.70 lakh. Amar Ujala, ranked second among the Hindi dailies in the state, has recorded an AIR of 82,000; a decline of 6.82 per cent, compared to corresponding period last year.

Meanwhile, Punjab Kesari is the only newspaper in the state, among the top ten, that has seen positive trend in latest IRS results. With a growth of 9.09 per cent, the newspaper has reported an AIR of 24, 000 – in actual terms adding 2000 readers in a year. For Hindi news paper Dainik Jagran the AIR graph is moving southwards as it reported a loss of 4000 readers in a year; a decline of 16.67 per cent. Another Hindi daily Hindustan, however, has reported an AIR of 8,000 (decline of 33.33 per cent), is no more functional in the state as it was already reported by the media last year.

English Dailies:
At No1 position in the chart of most popular English dailies in the state (as per the AIR numbers), English daily The Tribune has registered an AIR of 95,000 – same as it was in last round. Stagnant numbers of The Tribune turns as an opportunity for another English daily Hindustan Times (HT). The leadership position of The Tribune is strongly being challenged by the growth of HT as it has seen a growth of 18.92 per cent over last year, registering an AIR of 88,000.

Meanwhile, English newspaper The Times of India is on declining mode in the state as its present AIR stands at 21,000; a decline of 16 per cent. Loosing 5000 readers, highest decline in actual terms in AIR amongst topline English dailies, the Indian Express has reported an AIR of 12000.

This apart, growth of Punjabi dailies has also been hampered in the state as AIR of any Punjabi daily sinks continuously. In recent round of IRS results, with the decline of 15 per cent, any Punjabi daily has registered an AIR of 17,000.

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