IRS2010Q4 IRS 2010 Q4: Growth for Malayalam dailies; magazines decline

IRS 2010 Q4: Growth for Malayalam dailies; magazines decline

Author | Nitin Pandey | Monday, Mar 21,2011 9:43 AM

IRS 2010 Q4:  Growth for Malayalam dailies; magazines decline

With an addition of 12.05 lakh new readers since Q1 2010, overall Malayalam dailies have seen robust growth in readership during the year. However, same is not the case for Malayalam magazines, with all top ranked periodicals seen drop in their AIR numbers as compared to Q1 2010.

Throughout the last three quarters, Malayala Manorama has been able to maintain growth in AIR numbers. The daily, which had garnered an AIR of 95.83 lakh in Q1, reached 99.30 lakh readers in Q4. Mathrubhumi, which had seen decline in readership in Q2, but growth in Q3, continued with its growth trend, registering an AIR of 66.37 lakh in Q4.

Deshabhimani has been able to see sustainable growth in the year 2010. The daily has recorded an AIR of 23.68 lakh in Q4. Madhyamam, which has seen decline in readership in Q2, recorded an AIR of 9.04 lakh in Q4 (in Q1 the paper had scored an AIR of 7.64 lakh).

Kerala Kaumudi has constantly seen de-growth in the last three quarters. While in Q1, the daily had achieved an AIR of 8.72 lakh, in Q4, the daily has been able to garner an AIR of 6.29 lakh.

On the other hand, Malayalam periodicals have seen constant decline in readership. In Q4, Vanitha has seen negative growth as compared to Q3, recording an AIR of 27.15 lakh.

Monthly Malayala Manorama, which had attained an AIR of 14.33 lakh in Q1, has got an AIR of 13.86 lakh in Q4.

Along similar lines, Mathrubhumi Arogya Masika has also de-grown in all the last three quarters. The daily scored an AIR of 9.88 lakh in Q4, while in Q1 it had got an AIR of 11.65 lakh. Overall, the other following periodicals have also put up a not too good show in all the four quarters of IRS 2010.


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