IRS2010Q4 IRS 2010 Q4: A mixed year for Marathi dailies

IRS 2010 Q4: A mixed year for Marathi dailies

Author | Nitin Pandey | Monday, Mar 21,2011 9:41 AM

IRS 2010 Q4:  A mixed year for Marathi dailies

While the first two quarters of the year 2010 have witnessed growth in readership for Marathi dailies, Q3 and Q4 of IRS 2010 see de-growth for most Marathi dailies.

Lokmat has recorded steady growth in the all four quarters of IRS 2010. In Q1, the paper had registered an AIR of 73.61 lakh, while in Q4 it has scored an AIR of 77.12 lakh. The newspaper has added 3.51 lakh new readers from Q1 to Q4 of 2010.

Meanwhile, Daily Sakal has also grown over the last four quarters. In Q4, the newspaper has got an AIR of 46.52 lakh. The paper has added 5.60 lakh new readers during the four quarters of 2010.

Pudhari has seen fluctuation in readership numbers in the four quarters. In Q4, it has registered an AIR of 26.05 lakh. It had scored an AIR of 26.23 lakh in Q1. Both Punya Nagari and Maharashtra Times have also declined over the quarters. While Punya Nagri lost 2.70 lakh readers, Maharashtra Times lost 33,000 readers during the year.

Marathi periodicals have also seen mixed results. Grihashobhika, with AIR of 2.50 lakh, is the most read daily of the domain. However, it has seen decline in readership as compared to Q1 IRS 2010. Saptahik Sakal has also witnessed negative growth as compared to Q1. In Q4, the publication has scored an AIR of 2.16 lakh.

Chitralekha and Lokprabha witnessed ups and down in AIR numbers. In Q4, Chitralekha recorded an AIR of 68,000, while Lokprabha registered an AIR of 62,000.


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