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Following the stagnant media growth in most of the western countries, the Western PR industry has also almost stagnated in terms of growth while their Indian counterparts have been growing more than ever. Public Relations has become a very important strategic and tactial communication tool and differentiator for most of the brands and Corporates are investing heavily in their corporate communication activities both offline and online. The huge shift of focus is luring the multinationals to explore this space and the global PR firms are thus keen to extract their share of growth from this market.

Amidst all this the new normal world with new normal rules of communication have emerged, where what worked in the past might not work in the future.' Crises Communication' and 'Reputation Management Online' are the new daily reality for Corporate Cummunication and PR Professionals. With the New Opportunities there are new challenges too. Is the thin line between PR/Corporate Communication and Lobbying still intact or continues to blurr? Are PR and Corporate Communication Professionals reaching out to the audiences well in regional markets and the tier two cities also? How effective is PR and how to measure the ROI for PR?

At the exchange4media Public Relations and Corporate Communications Conference 2011, the industry leaders, corporate communications honchos and seasoned journalists will speak their mind to not only the peers of PR industry but also to the future leaders. It's "THE" platform for the PR and Corporate Communication Industry and brands to understand the intricacies, the future and the potential of PR and Corporate Communication.

Investing in the communication landscape, the exchange4media PR and Corporate Communications Conference 2011 will be an annual platform for the industry leaders to discuss 'Communication in the New Normal World'

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