International Zee touches nadir with Sawal Dus Crore Ka

Zee touches nadir with Sawal Dus Crore Ka

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Zee touches nadir with Sawal Dus Crore Ka It is a flop show. At least that is what the first week audience ratings released by the two different television rating (TVR) systems, INTAM and TAM, make it look like. Zee TV’s much talked about game show Sawal Dus Crore Ka (SDCK) has shown poor ratings in the first week of the launch. INTAM, which Zee subscribes to, shows that SDCK began with a decent 8.87 TVR on the first day of the telecast (Monday, October 23). However, the next day the rating dipped to 5.51 and by the third day (Thursday, 26 October) it was down to 2.1. These ratings are the weighted average of seven cities for all cable & satellite (C&S) and TV homes with a viewership of all four plus individuals. The TAM ratings are no better. A weighted average of 27 cities shows that SDCK’s ratings in all TV homes was a pathetic 1.2 while it was 2.2 in C&S homes on the Diwali day episode. According to Ravi Kiran, GM, Starcom Worldwide (media specialist of Leo Burnett), SDCK’s poor showing should help demystify the game show paranoia. Viewers can detect hastily put together programme when they see one.”
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