International Zee revamping its organisation

Zee revamping its organisation

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Zee revamping its organisation

Zee Telefilms is revamping its organisation and has shifted its corporate chief executive officer, Mr. RK Singh, as head of new projects. The first venture will be online lottery.

The network’s international distribution, which was earlier part of Mr. Singh’s portfolio, has been given to Sandeep Goyal.

The pay-TV market in India will continue to be under Dev Naganand, who is the CEO of access. The direct-to-operator project is under his control. Zee hopes to earn around Rs 100 crore from subscription revenues in the current financial year.

As Zee carried out minor reshuffle in its management, an unnamed business group has advertised for heads in news, regional and Hindi channels. Industry sources indicated it could be Zee. As Zee is the only media house that has presence in all the areas for which applications have been invited for various positions.

The ad has asked for international business managers based at London, Dubai, Sydney, Dhaka, New York, Toronto and Johannesburg. Incidentally

The ad calls for a business head for movies. A creative head is also required who will oversee all creative and technical aspects of films being undertaken by the company.

The ad calls for applications for a news channel head and a national head of sales.

Incidentally, Satish Menon recently quit as head of Zee news and all-India sales head of the network. The ad says that the company requires heads for the regional channels.

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