International Zee goes for major restructuring – all business brought under four group heads

Zee goes for major restructuring – all business brought under four group heads

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Zee goes for major restructuring – all business brought under four group heads

In a major restructuring on the lines suggested by AT Kearney, the Zee Group has brought its businesses under four broad groups–content, access, corporate and education. Four group heads will now direct the businesses of the company. While the three lead businesses will be under the heads of content, access and education, support functions like strategy, human resources, finance, legal, corporate communications and marketing research will be looked after by the head of corporate services.

Alok Dutta, chief operating officer, will coordinate the content business and will oversee broadcasting, including the businesses of all the Zee Network channels, portals, music, news and sports. Dutta will report to chairman Subhas Chandra.

All distribution-driven businesses, including cable networking has now been renamed. Home Networking, Direct-to-Operators, Direct-to-Home and Internet ISP have been clubbed together under Dev Naganand.

According to Zee, both access and content require strategic resources in terms of HRD, finance, legal and corporate interface with investors or other public and market research. These have been brought under corporate services headed by RK Singh. Singh will also have additional charge of the overseas business.

Education has been kept as a distinct business as Zee sees it evolving as a distinct convergence proposition. This will be headed by Uma Ganesh.

Each group head will also be having its own dedicated team for functions of finance & accounts, personnel, legal, planning and operations at the operative level, even as at the macro and corporate level, such services are available under the Group Head Corporate Services.

Besides the restructuring of the organisation, AT Kearney has also recommended that Zee should focus on building some new core competencies into the organisation. These areas are: emphasis on collaboration with outsiders, external focus on learning from customers, competitors and partners, focus on employment development, systematic resource-based management and greater transparency in dealing with shareholders, employees, etc.

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