International Villages bustling with premium personal care brands:Pulse

Villages bustling with premium personal care brands:Pulse

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Villages bustling with premium personal care brands:Pulse

According to the findings of consumer insight study conducted by McCann-Erickson’s global qualitative research brand, Pulse, villages are bustling like small towns with premium personal care brands being available on shop shelves. In small towns, beauty parlours and gyms are flourishing with grooming and looking good becoming increasingly important for men and women. The study was conducted in 15 cities and small towns. These included cities like Coimbatore, Lucknow, Pune, Jaipur, Midnapore, Meerut etc.

The wide ranging study looked at the aspiration, challenges, responses, and coping behaviour of the young, working people in India.

The segment under scrutiny was what Pulse categorises as the career-builders, aged between 24 and 35, and who are building their working life. For the study, McCann-Pulse spoke to and observed over 100 people.

The consumers are influenced by good-looking models and actors and on the TV and lured by an array of apparel and cosmetics bands. The Pulse study points out that the action is moving to the small towns. It is time for marketers to seriously consider moving in and tapping the consumers in the non-metro cities and towns.

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