International TV channels responsible for rating muddle: TAM

TV channels responsible for rating muddle: TAM

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TV channels responsible for rating muddle: TAM

LV Krishnan, chief executive officer (media research) of TAM, hints at the television channels for being responsible for the television rating point (TRP) muddle. But he refuses to name any channel.

According to him it is very clear that there are some outside elements (big time broadcasters) that are trying to pull down the credibility of the two agencies —TAM and INTAM.

Even though he refused to name the broadcasters involved he added “I can’t say which channel. But if you probe further, you will get to see the reality. Another thing is why should anybody send anonymous letters to various publications and TV channels? It’s obvious that someone is motivated to actually kill the entire rating system of the two agencies.”

Upset by the statements made by Zee's group broadcasting CEO Sandeep Goyal and Sony Entertainment Ltd’s chief executive officer, Kunal Dasgupta who have expressed incredulity over the TAM and INTAM rating systems. Krishnan said, “Why doesn’t anybody ask Goyal that one year back when the channel was enjoying high TRPs why it did not raise the credibility issue? Is it because some other channels have an edge today?

TAM also does not rule out the possibility of an internal leakage of the list.

Besides revamping the entire panel, to tighten the security, TAM plans to restrict the accessibility of the list internally. Without disclosing the actual number of people who have the access to the list within TAM.

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