International TMG Enter to unleash 3-prong strategy to increase

TMG Enter to unleash 3-prong strategy to increase

Author | NULL | Tuesday, Jun 19,2001 11:14 AM

TMG Enter to unleash 3-prong strategy to increase

TMG Enter, a 24-hour technology channel, is planning to launch a three-pronged initiative to increase the channel penetration and spread its brand awareness among the target audience. The first initiative that the channel has planned is a movie festival, which is meant for 12 cities.

While Mumbai and Hyderabad have already been covered, the festival is now coming to Delhi. After Delhi, the TMG Sci-Fi Movie Festival will move to Calcutta and Bangalore and then to seven more towns.

TMG will screen four prominent sci-fi classics daily, such as the Star Wars trilogy, The Matrix, Men in Black, Contact, and The Abyss. The passes for the films can be won by playing games at several venues such as Pizza Corner and Hallmark stores and some Websites.

Among the other initiatives, the channel plans to start a technology club. Meant for techies, the channel will send out direct mailers to its target audience inviting them to join the technology club.

Technology club membership will enable these technology aficionadoes to avail discount on information technology-related and other products. The technology club initiative is being launched in August-September.

The third marketing initiative will be the Digital Life Exhibition. To be organised in three cities around November-December.

At present, TMG is being funded by venture capitalists. The business model of the company is advertising-based and not subscription-based. TMG is a free-to-air channel and plans to stay that way for a few years to come.

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