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International The Statesman asked to change teaser slogan by RBI

The Statesman asked to change teaser slogan by RBI

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 9:37 AM

The Statesman asked to change teaser slogan by RBI

The Reserve Bank of India has expressed its reservation with regard to a teaser advertisement campaign kicked off about two weeks back by The Statesman, proclaiming “2 rupee coins will be out of circulation from December 3’.

The aim of the campaign was to build some curiosity on the part of the public before the launch of the daily in a revamped garb from December 3. All the three editions, namely Kolkata, New Delhi and Siliguri, are scheduled to sport a new look from Monday from when the cover price too will be increased to Rs 2 from the existing Rs 1.50.

The advertisement campaign of the paper, however, was not restricted to the print media. Hoardings and billboards have also been used.

Responding to the campaign, on November 27, the RBI issued a `press release' to all English and vernacular dailies here which said that there was no shortage of Rs 2 coins, neither was there a danger of such shortage emerging in future. Referring to the advertisements, the RBI said they were ``completely misleading and misrepresentative of the facts''.

The Statesman responded to the objections of the RBI by amending its slogan to: `Save your 2 rupee coins for December 3'.

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