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International Technology Media Group unveils television channel

Technology Media Group unveils television channel

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:51 AM

Technology Media Group unveils television channel

Technology Media Group (TMG), a media initiative based on technology funded by IFCI Ventures, Canbank VC Fund, GVCFL and ICICI Ventures, has introduced TMG Enter, a 24-hour television channel, to provide exclusive information on technology, in Hyderabad. This is the second channel in the world meant exclusively for technology.

The channel which was soft-launched in April, is targeted at the IT community and businesses and is expected to help broaden the home market of technology products and services, besides aiding the process of building Indian technology brands. TMG Enter is an analog, free-to-air channel uplinked from India, which can be viewed by seven million people over 100 centres.

The channel features all aspects of technology for the viewer, such as focused technology news bulletin, e-commerce updates, dotcom happenings, IT services and solutions, updates and tips, educational programming, insights into the VC funding process, career counselling and opportunities among others. The channel's library has over 1800 hours of content to telecast.

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