International Techno Fab launches new advertising media

Techno Fab launches new advertising media

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Techno Fab launches new advertising media

Techno Fab Manufacturing Ltd. has developed and launched `Multi-Ad' - a totally-automated, indexing type and space saving advertising/display medium for commercial ads. In this medium, real products can be displayed in place of photographs to enable the target audience to have a realistic view of the product before the purchase decision. The medium enables the advertiser to cost-effectively display eight to 12 models of the same product or different products of the same advertiser.

This is the first time a medium of this kind is being launched in India and it has been certified (and patented) by the Government of India. The new medium can be displayed to remain top of mind in places like airport lounges, railway platforms, highways, hotels & restaurants, cinema halls, supermarkets, petrol bunks and other places where people are highly mobile and make last-minute purchase decisions.

The flaps of multi-ad unit turns one after another and stops for a desired duration required by the advertiser in a full open mode of 180 degrees to display the whole photograph or the product. The display time can be programmed to vary for each of the selected models if necessary, using a micro controller based combination timer for setting. The switching on and off of Multi-Ad can be auto-programmed as per the requirement of the advertiser.

The company is currently experimenting with the inclusion of audio facility for each ad. As the unit is entirely covered, the security of products like gem and jewellery are also taken care of. The total width of the display area varies from two feet to 9.7 feet and height 1.5 feet to six feet and price varies from Rs 80,000 to Rs 2.7 lakh per display machine. The units are also available for hire and are suitable for a range of products like garments, watches, shoes, vehicles, cosmetics etc.

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