International TAM and INTAM to merge its Indian operations

TAM and INTAM to merge its Indian operations

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TAM and INTAM to merge its Indian operations

The two television rating agencies—Tam and Intam—will merge its Indian operation soon. A date as to when the two will merge has not been fixed. At present, Tam is owned by IMRB, the research wing of HTA, and it uses the AC Nielsen software, while Intam is owned by ORG-MARG. Internationally, the WPP group owns both IMRB and the parent company of ORG-MARG, and WPP has a stake in AC Nielsen. The Indian merger will be a part of the worldwide exercise.

The Indian Broadcasting Foundation (IBF), an apex body for broadcasters, had at a recent meeting of broadcasters recommended that Tam and Intam should be merged to create a single rating system for television programmes.

The uniform rating system will have a two-fold benefit for broadcasters. One, it will cost them much less to subscribe to just one rating system. Two, broadcasters will not be assessed by different parameters anymore once Tam and Intam merge in India.

At present, Tam, bases its research on frequency modulation metering. And, Intam rates TV programmes by the picture matching technique. At a recent board meeting, IBF passed a resolution saying that in view of the international experience, the two TV ratings systems in India should gradually drift towards merging into one TV rating system.

The IBF resolution also said that the prevailing two-systems Tam and Intam were not representing the true picture about TV ratings. With membership from most of the well-known TV channels including Zee, Star, Sony Entertainment Television, Aaj Tak and Doordarshan representatives, the committee resolved that the single entity being proposed should observe some parameters for ratings laid down by the IBF.

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