International Star brand acquires a new look

Star brand acquires a new look

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 7:14 AM

Star brand acquires a new look

Beginning of this year the Star Group had announced its intention to opt for a new identity for itself, the final phase of the implementation has taken place now. In the first phase, Star Group the group launched its corporate ad campaign to communicate the company’s broader vision—to switch over from Star TV to Star. Now, in the second phase, Star has acquired a new look. The logos, the colours and the identity of the various Star channels changed on May 20. The objective behind the changes in the channel logos is to reinforce the Star brand.

The new logos and the changed look in the channels are not likely to influence the advertising and TRPs. The network logo, unleashed in February, has been incorporated in the channel logos, with different colours for each channel ID. Technology is a highpoint in the new look for the channels. For the first time, flash animation technology has been used to adapt the network logo to any media.

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