International Splash to go national by mid-November

Splash to go national by mid-November

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Splash to go national by mid-November

Intelivision, a company originally promoted by Pentamedia Graphics Ltd, plans to go national with its exclusive channel for children —Splash— by mid-November. The free-to-air channel was launched in Chennai on Monday and is now available in two million homes in South India.

Targeted primarily at four to 14 years-old “schoolers’, the content of the channel is classified into three broad categories — 50 per cent entertainment, 25 per cent edutainment and 25 per cent infotainment.

The programming includes animation, live action, feature films, music, dance and entertainment, apart from educational and informative features. About 75 per cent of this is sourced from international studios like Columbia Tri-star, Universal Studios, Warner Brothers and BBC among others.

In near future the company plans to have a completely Indian channel. Programmes will also be available in multiple language feeds.

Pentamedia Graphics is diluting its stake in Intelivision Limited, with a private placement. The company holds less than 30 per cent stake in the television company’s equity of Rs 1.16 crore. Intelivision, which started with a seed capital of Rs 30 lakh from Pentamedia, expects to raise around Rs 2 crore from the ongoing private placement. The television company is talking to other cable operators like Hathaway to take the channel to the rest of the country.

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