International Simcom endorses 60 % ceiling on entertainment tax

Simcom endorses 60 % ceiling on entertainment tax

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Simcom endorses 60 % ceiling on entertainment tax

The State Information and Broadcasting Ministers’ Committee (Simcom) has endorsed the Union information and broadcasting ministry’s stand on a uniform ceiling of 60 per cent on entertainment tax and parity of the sector with information technology for concessions and local taxes.

Based on the deliberations at the Ficci seminar on November 7, Simcom, which met on November 8, has recommended setting up of state-level committees on piracy and the Union I&B ministry would evolve training modules to train police personnel to educate them on relevant laws.

The meeting was attended by I&B ministers of Jammu and Kashmir, Mizoram and Jharkhand, while Maharashtra’s minister later endorsed the recommendations. Their resident commissioners represented the other four states on the committee.

The I&B minister, Sushma Swaraj also asked the State to identify shooting locales in their area and encourage smaller theatres and multiplexes so as to meet specific local needs, as well as facilitate screening of cinema of all genres.

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