International Sawal eyeballs ka: Zee TV’s game show a flop

Sawal eyeballs ka: Zee TV’s game show a flop

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Sawal eyeballs ka: Zee TV’s game show a flop Zee TV’s Sawal Dus Crore Ka has not exactly endeared itself to television audiences. And this was evident in the show’s first week itself. However, what is astonishing is the alacrity with which audiences abandoned the show in its first three performances. There are equally disturbing portents for Star Plus. The channel’s game show programme Kaun Banega Crorepati, is now dragging in smaller audience shares. Zee’s Sawal started big on its first day (Monday, October 23) with a television rating point of 12.4. In listings, it was the Number Three programme, just behind Star Plus’ KBC which had a TVR of 13 (TAM Media cable and satellite homes — nine cities — for the week October 22-28). On the second day (Tuesday), Sawal fell to a TVR of 7.4 at Number Ten spot, compared with KBC which had a TVR of 10.7. On October 26, KBC on Diwali Day had film stars Sonali Bendre and Aamir Khan as contestants, and Zee’s Sawal was down to a TVR of 3 at a lowly Number 27 in the listings. ORG-Marg’s Intam figures showed Zee’s Sawal opening on October 23 ahead of Star’s KBC. For the half hour from 9 pm to 9.30 pm, when they were pitted against each other, ‘Sawal’ had a TVR of 12.3 compared to KBC’s 10.1. By the third day (Thursday, October 26) however, for the same half-hour, KBC was 9.0 while Sawal was down to a miserable 3.0. KBC has started showing a declining audience share — something STAR is trying to counter by getting celebrities to participate as contestants. KBC hit a high in this period on October 19 when Harshvardhan Nawathe was shown winning the crore jackpot. With a TVR of 23.8 per cent and an audience share of 56 per cent across 9 cities (TAM Peoplemeter), it was way ahead of everything else. However, in the show that followed, KBC was down to a TVR of just 13 and an audience share of 34.1 per cent. In the days that followed, KBC veered between a low of 31 and a high 37.8 in audience share.
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