International Sahara TV to focus on consolidation

Sahara TV to focus on consolidation

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 5:50 PM

Sahara TV to focus on consolidation

Sahara TV has laid out a plan of action to keep going in the times of an all-round industry slowdown. To begin with, even as Sahara TV has plans of launching multiple channels, its immediate focus is on consolidation.

Although Mr Sumit Roy, head of Sahara TV, points out that it’s beneficial for broadcasters to have multiple channels in order to make them turn pay from free-to-air, Sahara is not taking up the task immediately.

Sahara is also waiting before turning completely digital. Says Mr Roy: According to Mr Roy, the hassle of providing cable operators with decoder sets is one of the reasons why the channel has decided against going completely digital right away.

Sahara is working on making the existing channel stable and focussed. The channel is launching 10 new programmes by June, out of which three to four programmes are being developed as the channel runner. The channel will, however, continue to have a mix of approximately 90 per cent entertainment and 10 per cent news.

Overall, the strategy of the channel to survive in the crowded market place is identifying and understanding the technological developments. ‘‘We’re closely observing the media industry before taking a step in a new direction,’’ says Mr Roy.

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