International Radio: The next big thing!
An exchange4media Special Report

Radio: The next big thing!
An exchange4media Special Report

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Radio: The next big thing!<br>An exchange4media Special Report

In today's world the power of Radio is to transform listener's lives. Its not just to 'inform', 'entertain', 'enlighten', but to transform people's lives- by which I mean a process by which people make significant change in some aspect of their lives - in how they think about something important to them, or in what they decide to do about it? These are the three ingredients that are essential to unlocking this power and realizing a Radio system able to support transformation.

As the radio market in India stands on the verge of explosion, we look at the medium, how it has evolved over the years and the importance given to radio by media buyers and planners.
We also look at other key markets in the world, which are in various stages of evolution, What is the future of the industry in India and where can we expect it to go?

1. General statistics on india
2. Advantages vis-a-vis other media
3. Evalution of markets across the world
  • Ad spends and Growths

  • Case - UK industry
  • 4. Indian Radio industry
  • Evolution

  • Key drivers of Radio Industry
  • Growth so far

  • Future projections

  • Players

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