International Radio Mirchi launched in Ahmedabad

Radio Mirchi launched in Ahmedabad

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:52 AM

Radio Mirchi launched in Ahmedabad

Radio Mirchi was launched yesterday in Ahmedabad and is the first private FM station in Gujarat. With this launch, Radio Mirchi plans to create a stir in the entertainment landscape of Ahmedabad.

According to Prashant Panday, COO, ENIL, Radio Mirchi targeted an audience of around 1.6 lakh of the Indore population of 16.5 lakhs. Before the launch, the listenership reviews said that out of the target audience, around 40,000 people used to listen to radio.

However, post-launch, the number increased three-fold to 1.5 lakh within a month, which is around 90 per cent of the desired segment. The awareness research also puts Radio Mirchi at par with television, both at 46 per cent. The surge in popularity is reflected in the number of advertisers, which increased to 60 and included several national advertisers.

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