International Radio Mid-Day goes off the WorldSpace platform

Radio Mid-Day goes off the WorldSpace platform

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Radio Mid-Day goes off the WorldSpace platform

Radio Mid-Day has pulled out of the WorldSpace platform. The Mid-Day channel has been on the WorldSpace platform since September 2000, when the satellite radio service began its operations in India.

According to the WorldSpace sources, the reason why the agreement with Mid-Day didn’t work out well is because of the fact that Mid-Day was planned to be a Hinglish channel that basically addresses the youth. But it turned out to be yet another western music channel, which is neither genre specific nor audience specific.

According to industry sources, many felt that it was not adding much value when WorldSpace has eight dedicated genre-specific western music channels.

The sources in Mid-Day however, said that it was not practical to continue on the WorldSpace platform.

To compensate the loss of Mid-Day channel, WorldSpace recently added Radio Voyager. All India Radio and a Tamil channel from Dinamalar Group will also be a part of the WorldSpace service soon.

At a time when WorldSpace is evolving as a popular news and entertainment service, termination of contract with Mid-Day may come as a rude shock to regular listeners, particularly when one shells out a decent sum to purchase a satellite receiver.

In what could be a coincidence the CEO of Radio Mid-Day (Delhi), Mr. Nishchint Chawla, has resigned which coincides with the channel going off the WorldSpace platform.

Incidentally Mid-Day has linceces for FM radio stations in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai. The company has plans of making these FM stations operational this year.

Source: Financial Express
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