International Prime time slot on DD Bharati offered for Rs 5,000

Prime time slot on DD Bharati offered for Rs 5,000

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Prime time slot on DD Bharati offered for Rs 5,000

Prasar Bharati has chalked out an aggressive pricing strategy for its yet-to-be launched channel, DD Bharati, and plans to offer half-hour prime time slots for just Rs 5,000 as an introductory offer. DD Bharati is positioned as a youth, entertainment and education channel and Prasar Bharati has launched multi-media advertising campaign calling for programmes to be aired on the proposed channel.

The prices for a similar slot can go up to Rs 3.5 lakh and Rs 1.5 lakh on DD National and DD Metro, respectively.

According to Prasar Bharati chief executive Anil Baijal, the sponsorship rates for the new channel expected to go on air in January, are Rs 5,000 for a 30-minute slot during the prime time between 7 and 11 p.m. This also includes 210 seconds of free commercial time.

Even spot buys on DD Bharati would be priced jus Rs 2,000 per ten seconds as against Rs 25,000 to Rs 6,000 for other DD channels. These rates supposed to be just promotional and would be reviewed once the channel establishes itself.

The advertisement campaign for the channel would be aired on the AIR. For the first time Doordarshan has asked professional designers to come up with a different logo for the new channel in a bid to create a distinct identity for it.

DD Bharati would be a 24-hour channel with four hours on health and fitness programming, six hours of children’s programmes and another four hours of music, dance and fine arts fare.

The channel is also planning live telecasts of various music and dance festivals. Prasar Bharati meanwhile has set up a task force to negotiate with private players to form a six-channel bouquet involving digital terrestrial broadcasting in the four metros, which would be offered by December in Delhi.

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