International Prasar Bharati plans to revamp and rename DD news

Prasar Bharati plans to revamp and rename DD news

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 8:44 AM

Prasar Bharati plans to revamp and rename DD news

The recently launched 24-hours DD news channel will soon be renamed and revamped to serve ‘’lovers of dance, music and fine arts,’, the Channel would also target children and adolescents — with 6-hour windows devoted to their needs. The channel is expected to offer four hours of programmes on health care, fitness, diet, nutrition and holistic medicine.

Doordarshan is being restructured in line with the mandate for Prasar Bharati Corporation to engage in public service broadcasting to inform, educate, and entertain public in a balanced manner.

About one-third of the programmes will now be based on news and current affairs. It will have a sizeable chunk of public service programmes, addressing social issues and other public concerns. Special terms and conditions are being framed to identify programmes that fall into the category of ‘’public service broadcasting.’’

Consequent to this, the more recently launched 24-hour DD news channel would be revamped with content that would serve ‘’unaddressed but felt needs of society.”.

The channel seems to be Prasar Bharati’s answer to the lacuna in infotainment channels and overkill of news and entertainment channels.

The Prasar Bharati Board which met recently has given an in-principle approval to suggestions made by the management to restructure and reposition various channels of DD to give each one of them a distinct brand identity.

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