International ORG-Marg to part way with IRS

ORG-Marg to part way with IRS

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ORG-Marg to part way with IRS

ORG-Marg has decided to part ways with the Indian Readership Survey (IRS). Confirming the news Mr. Ashok Das, president, ORG-Marg said that the company has resigned from the next contract beginning July 1, 2001 and ending June 30, 2002.

In an interviews given to agencyfaqs!, Ashok Das, president, ORG-Marg, gave the reason that led to his company deciding to resign from the Indian Readership Survey (IRS) after four remarkable years. The earlier story on agencyfaqs! (July 9) reported that ORG-Marg had sent a letter last week to the IRS’ governing body, the Media Research User’s Council (MRUC), informing it of its intention to part ways with the IRS.

Das used the term "burden" for the IRS in the context of the money-losing proposition that he claimed it had become for the country’s largest research agency. "We have never made money on the IRS in any single year," he said. "We did quite well on sales this year, for instance, but we still made losses." This, he stressed, was given the 100-per cent repeat purchase rate for his clients. There are two things to blame here. One, the nature of the IRS contract. Two, the size of the market, limited by competition between two large surveys.

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