International ORG-MARG goes online to gather data

ORG-MARG goes online to gather data

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ORG-MARG goes online to gather data

ORG-MARG is using the services of Global Tele-System Ltd. (GTI)'s virtual private network to connect its 15 branch offices across India. In the first phase, connectivity would be established between three offices and in the second phase the remaining 12 offices will be inter-connected through GTL's network. The network will be used for transferring research data collected by the various branches.

According to ORG-MARG, transferring data through conventional means from their head office at Baroda to their various offices has become a costly and time-consuming affair. By using GTL's VPN, ORG-MARG expects to improve access to the branches, as well as eliminate the costs involved in setting up its own wide-area networking.

With GTL's services, ORG-MARG will get 24X7 network monitoring, guaranteed levels of performance, end-to-end security, flexibility and scalability along with the proper combination of speed and cost available for every network connection.

ORG MARG's head office at Baroda in Gujarat would connect locally to GTL's node at Baroda using a lease line of 2 Mbps from BSNL. An ISDN back up will provide redundancy and connectivity in case of a local line break-up

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