International ORG-Marg expands Intam to 49 cities

ORG-Marg expands Intam to 49 cities

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ORG-Marg expands Intam to 49 cities

ORG-Marg has expanded Intam from the existing 29 towns and cities to 49 centres. This will help in increasing Intam’s based by 21 per cent. The expanded data service will be available from April 1. This expansion of its TV watching base proples Intam into the largest peoplemeter monitoring panel in Asia.

A C Nielson’s TAM Media peoplemeter covers around 3,400 households and 27 cities and towns in India. In comparison, the Korean peoplemeter base is around 1,000 and China only 900. In Europe and the US, the peoplemeter panels are larger with UK having 4,500 households and Nielson’s US city peoplemeter covering 15,000 television homes.

ORG-Marg, will now be able to cover 21 of the 23 towns that have over 10 lakh population. Towns with populations between five and 10-lakh population will be covered in six states and one-to-three lakh towns in three states. The increased coverage of smaller towns is likely to benefit many regional channels.

Besides increasing the viewership base, Intam expects to offer data of information for a larger number of population strata levels than before as more small towns have come within its fold. Smaller towns show a different kind of consumer behaviour as compared to larger ones.

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