International News channels gets lots to cheer about

News channels gets lots to cheer about

Author | NULL | Thursday, Mar 15,2001 12:00 AM

News channels gets lots to cheer about

As the defensegate saga unfolds, news channel are busy raking in the moolah and increasing viewership, albeit temporarily. The obvious fallout has been an immediate rise in the TRP (television rating points), and the number of advertisements too shot up yesterday, specially for Zee News.

The hype around the airing of Tehelka tapes was so much that the new advertisers too came on board in Zee news, including clients like Cadbury’s, HLL and P&G. Zee managed to do an incremental billing of about Rs 35 lakh on Tuesday.

Enquiries from advertisers were so much that Zee News decided to sell airtime which is otherwise used for running its in-house promos. Aaj Tak channel’s overall ad revenue did go up yesterday because of the increased number of commercials.

However, Star News refused to believe that Tuesday was an opportunity for television channels to boost revenue, though viewership would have increased.

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