International News channels enhancing their image through coverage

News channels enhancing their image through coverage

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 7:32 AM

News channels enhancing their image through coverage

With more and more people glued to the news channel watching the aftermath of the tragedy in New York, in an unprecedented move almost all the news channels opted to omit advertising break altogether.

The strategy of news channels during the coverage of this tragedy doesn’t seem to be immediate monetary gain in terms of advertising but enhancing their image through a thorough coverage of the incident. The reasoning is that if the viewership increases in this period, then later on these channels can cash it with the advertising community.

Take for example, CNN, is showing uninterrupted feed of the event, without any ad breaks.

CNBC India, which has cancelled a number of Indian shows for international feed from its US-based sister channels MSNBC and NBC, too is not interrupting its coverage of the New York tragedy with any ads.

Star News, like CNBC India, also latched on its sister channel in the US, Fox News, for getting live feed on the New York tragedy and is showing uninterrupted Fox News coverage of the incident all night-long.

Aaj Tak said that though viewership of the channel is up due to the tragedy, it has not really meant heightened advertiser interest. Star News sources too didn’t think that advertiser interest would have necessarily been heightened because of this tragedy.

According to the industry sources news channels are not so interested in ads for this coverage of the New York tragedy. They are enhancing their image through the blanket coverage of the event, so that people say to each other that we saw it on so and so channels.

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