International MEN yet to encrypt FTV

MEN yet to encrypt FTV

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 7:18 AM

MEN yet to encrypt FTV

Modi Entertainment Network has not been able to encrypt the Fashion TV, by December 1 due to technical problems.

Modi Entertainment Network, which distributes FTV in India, believes the encryption of the channel will be done within a week. This is the second time that Modi Entertainment Network has delayed the encryption of the channel. Before announcing the encryption date of December 1, MEN had planned to encrypt the channel in November.

According to the industry sources, the delay in converting FTV from a free-to-air to a pay channel was due to the fact that no MSO was willing to pay for the service at this stage.

Though Modi Entertainment Network distributes three pay channels, it can hardly bundle DD Sports with Hallmark and FTV. The three-channel package costs lower than their individual prices put together. But the price of DD Sports is not flexible, even though it is being clubbed with the other channels and sold as a package.

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