International MEN plans to encrypt FTV by year end

MEN plans to encrypt FTV by year end

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MEN plans to encrypt FTV by year end

Modi Entertainment Network (MEN) is going ahead with its plan to encrypt Fashion TV by the end of the year, even as B4U claims that it continues to have legal rights to distribute the controversial channel in India. MEN signed a 10-year agreement with FTV. Disputing this B4U says that it has a legal, exclusive and binding agreement with FTV to distribute the channel.

Alleging that B4U had ignored FTV, officials of MEN said that no specific list of activities were laid down for MEN to follow. The focus was to popularise the B4U channels and not FTV.

FTV president Michel Adam has said that it has a tie up with MEN and “cooperation between the two teams is already in place”.

The officials of B4U said that they could take resort to arbitration to settle the dispute. FTV earlier had a distribution agreement with B4U. MEN were appointed by B4U to distribute FTV and their music and general entertainment channels.

But with the decision to go pay, FTV decided to cut short with B4U and have an agreement directly with MEN after being assured of a higher minimum guarantee. Following the dispute over FTV, B4U terminated its contract with Modi Entertainment to distribute its two channels.

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