International MEN obtains an order of status quo against B4U

MEN obtains an order of status quo against B4U

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MEN obtains an order of status quo against B4U

Modi Entertainment Network (MEN) has obtained an order “to maintain status quo” from the Bombay High Court. According to MEN this ensures keeping the contractual arrangement intact for the distribution of the B4U channels. This version of the order is however disputed by B4U. B4U interprets “to maintain status quo” as keeping the contract terminated.

The dispute between B4U and MEN relates to an agreement dated April 12, last year, where MEN had been appointed as the network'’ sole distributor for the four channels – B4U Entertainment, B4U Music, MCM and Fashion TV.

In May this year, FTV terminated its deal with B4U and signed a distribution arrangement directly with MEN. In retaliation B4U terminated its entire distribution arrangement with MEN for the other three channels.

In response MEN went to the court, and sought an injuction against B4U discontinuing distribution arrangement. B4U had argued that by taking on FTV’s direct distribution, the MEN have themselves violated the agreement. Since MEN had played foul by stealing B4U clients, it was not possible to continue to have business relations with the MEN.

B4U channels are currently distributed directly by the broadcasting network.

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