International Major brands crowd railway stations for visibility

Major brands crowd railway stations for visibility

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Major brands crowd railway stations for visibility

For marketers who are constantly strategising to increase the consumer base for their products, brands and services are now targeting railway stations. Outlets at railway stations not only present an opportunity for business but also help in creating brand awareness as it gives the companies direct access and exposure to 1.2 crore people per day.

Timex Watches Limited, is understood to be setting up its Times kiosks at select railway stations. Pizza Corner, has applied for opening a take-away outlet at the New Delhi Railway Station. Nestle is also planning to set up Nescafe vending machines on board Shatabdi Express.

HLL has also set up vending machine for its tea brands at various railway stations. Even leading banks and Internet Service Providers are looking at railway stations to offer their services.

The reason behind this phenomenon is that Railway station handles large amount of passengers every day. These numbers are linked to higher brand visibility, greater recall and accelerated sales.

According to a marketing expert the reasons for this phenomenon lies in the changing sociological profile of the people using trains as a mode of transport. More and more people from SEC A and B, are frequenting railway station these days.

Currently, there are approximately 750 AVMs associated with the Indian Railways belonging to companies like Pepsi, Nestle, Smithkline-Beecham, HLL and Cadbury’s.

Railways, is also planning to set up food plazas at 25 A-class stations. Tenders have been invited. For private companies this is a new found consumer base.

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