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International Limited ads to lure post-PC audience: Jupiter Media Matrix

Limited ads to lure post-PC audience: Jupiter Media Matrix

Author | NULL | Tuesday, Mar 13,2001 12:00 AM

Limited ads to lure post-PC audience: Jupiter Media Matrix

According to Jupiter Media Matrix, small and fragment wireless and interactive television audiences will limit advertising opportunities on post-PC platforms, making them secondary digital marketing vehicles. The Jupiter Research report is about the US—but advertising industry analysts in India are of the opinion that its validity will survive across national borders and geographic groupings.

The report says the post-PC audience (wireless devices, interactive television and Internet kiosks) will reach “critical mass” by 2005—but the PC will continue to dominate with its high level of household and individual penetration.

The research goes on to advise marketers targeting the post-PC audience to view them as ‘modal targets’—or distinct groups of individuals with similar behaviours and attitudes that stem closely from their use of any Internet-enabled devices, as opposed to the more common audience segmentation characteristics of demographics, geography and gender.

Marketers that believe they can overcome the limitation of interactive and wireless devices as branding vehicles miss the point. To maximise ad campaigns on these devices, advertisers must isolate and understand the attributes of modal targets and match the marketing message to the objective of the consumer using the device—not their demographic profile.

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