International Its shutter for V India

Its shutter for V India

Author | NULL | Monday, Jan 01,1900 4:45 PM

Its shutter for V India

Channel [V]’s autonomous Internet ‘youth’ portal, V India, has been given an unceremonious burial. With the merger of the portal with the general STAR website, a large number of technical and content personnel have been retrenched or will face the axe shortly.

Channel [V]’s existence as an autonomous entity ended last August and its operations as a channel were merged with STAR. This followed its poor performance and the failure of its wacky, westernised up-market ‘youth’ model.

In the redesigning of the platform by two consultants, Mahesh Murthy and Shashank Ghosh, the ‘youth’ portal V India was set up with a huge, 80-plus staff for design, content and editorial. With the axing of the autonomous status of Channel [V] and its reconfiguration as a music channel, the rationale of V India as a separate entity also collapsed.

Meanwhile, the irreverent programming of Channel [V] which included shows like ‘Line Lagao’ has also been dropped. The aim now is to reposition the channel as a proper music channel, like it was earlier.

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