International International: Study details impact of web ads on business execs

International: Study details impact of web ads on business execs

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Sep 11,2002 7:54 AM

International: Study details impact of web ads on business execs

According to a survey conducted online by Nielsen/NetRatings' @plan and Minnesota Opinion Research, in conjunction with washingtonpost.com, the Internet is the preferred and most effective form of media for advertisers trying to target business decision-makers.

The research surveyed nearly 1,000 business decision-makers and found that 60% of those polled said the Web is the best way for advertisers to reach them. Nearly 50% of participants said the Web has influenced them to make a purchase or obtain a service for their business, and 50% of the respondents who increased their Web usage in the last year said they decreased TV viewing.

Other traditional media were also affected, the study found: 47% of those polled decreased their newspaper readership; 45% magazine readership; and 18% decreased radio listenership. Of those polled, 77% said the Web is the place they find out about new products and companies.

Excluding e-mail, 92% of respondents said they read general news during the workday; 45% read financial news and checked stocks.

Research conducted earlier this year by Forbes.com and also by the Online Publishers Association revealed similar findings about the growing importance of Internet media to business decision-makers. The new survey goes a step further by examining Internet usage across diverse disciplines ranging from human resources and legal to marketing and business consulting professionals.

The survey also found that Internet advertising hits business decision-makers at a crucial time: when they are at work.

Business decision-makers comprise 29% of the total Web audience, and their online media consumption habits may have implications for all consumers.

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