International International: Now, a 24-hour channel for ads!

International: Now, a 24-hour channel for ads!

Author | exchange4media News Service | Wednesday, Aug 11,2004 9:17 AM

International: Now, a 24-hour channel for ads!

Have you heard of a channel dedicated to advertisements. If this sound's funny, better be serious about it. Come September 6, the world's first advertisement TV Channel will go on air.

The first 24-hour TV channel dedicated to the world of advertising, called the `Advert Channel', will feature a combination of classic commercials from the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and today - plus live studio discussions and debates on the world of advertising, and behind the scenes documentaries on the filming of top commercials.

This is the first in a series of TV channels being launched by leading UK entrepreneur Vince Stanzione. The long-term goal is to build a network of mass-market channels with highly popular and profitable programming.

Stanzione, the co-founder of the Channel, said: "It's a 24-hour TV channel focusing on the world of ads and advertising. The channel will be funded through advertising and interactive services."

"In Britain, people actually love commercials. People argue over the best and worst ads and are very nostalgic about their ads from the past. So we expect a huge audience," Stanzione pointed out.

The Advert Channel will be broadcasted on the digital satellite platform Channel number 694 and no subscription or tuning would be required, one could just key in 694 on the satellite remote control.

Although the majority of the programming will be aimed at a mass audience, there will also be specific programming dedicated to the advertising industry - including interviews and discussion shows with prominent names in the business.

Stanzione was bullish about the channel and expects a large viewership. He said, there is one UK Web site where visitors download 4,000 commercials every day. There are already many highly successful TV shows focusing on peoples' best and worst ads.

As a part of the marketing strategy, the Advert Channel is backed by a marketing campaign across the UK that includes slogans such as `Everything you'd see on a normal TV Channel - except the Programmes' and `The only TV channel where you wont be making tea during the Ads!'

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