International International: National Geographic proves big hit in Thailand

International: National Geographic proves big hit in Thailand

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International: National Geographic proves big hit in Thailand

Introduced only in early August, the Thai-language edition of the National Geographic Magazine has proven such a success that the local publisher will increase the print run of the September issue to 150,000 copies from 100,000 copies for the launch issue.

Almost all copies of the launch issues had been sold and bookstores and newsstands were running out of supplies, Amarin Printing and Publishing justified its decision.

"The magazine's success is far beyond our expectations. We are happy with the great response from the market," says Rarin Utakapan, Amarin's VP marketing and public relations.

The publisher believes the magazine's tremendous success derives from its stories with little and simple text coupled with many, large-format photographs.

"The feature content is not too overwhelming and easy to read. But certainly the printing quality and the well-known brand name also have contributed to the magazine's launching success," Ms. Rarin explains.

She says the increase of 50,000 copies for the September issue would match market demand and also keep the title highly visible on newsstand and bookstore shelves for promotional measure.

Some 20% of the magazine's editorial content are local stories, while the rest are features taken over from the original English-language edition and translated into Thai by some 10 translators and proof readers.

Chief Editor Arinee Methasate says all local content has to be approved before publication by the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC.

The Thai-language magazine is fully audited and sells at $2. While there are no restrictions on the number of advertising pages in the magazine, ad prices are relatively steep for a local publication.

A full page/full colour ad is $1,300, while the most expensive rate for the back cover would cost the respective advertiser a hefty $2,800 per issue.

The Thai-language edition is only the fourth in Asia besides versions in Japanese, Korean and Mandarin. Thai is the 20th language into which the magazine has been translated worldwide.

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