International International: Metro signs its first global ad deal

International: Metro signs its first global ad deal

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International: Metro signs its first global ad deal

Metro International Group (MIG), the Swedish freesheet giant, has signed its first worldwide advertising agreement with the leading European charity lottery organizer, Novamedia, headquartered in Amsterdam.

Metro is distributed through urban rail and underground transport networks in Europe, the U. S., Asia/Pacific, and Latin America.

Under the agreement, Novamedia will use Metro's international distribution and market presence to promote five of its national charity fund raising lotteries in North America and Europe, as well as its new global Internet-based lottery game,

The agreement involves Novamedia committing to placing an agreed number of full colour advertisements over the coming year in Metro editions in 15 markets.

The proposed ads will promote Novamedia's current and new lotteries in the Netherlands (Nationale Postcode Loterij and Sponsor Bingo Loterij), Sweden (Bingo Lotto and Zweedse Postcode Loterij) and Canada (Earth Future Lottery), as well as the lottery game around the world.

Metro has 21 editions in 15 countries around the world capable of targeting demographic groups that advertisers need to reach. This agreement demonstrates the attraction of Metro to global advertisers who need to deliver a global message in local languages," says Mr. Tornberg.

Novamedia’s revenue increased by 10% in 2001 to more than $700 million. Some 45% of this amount was handed out to national and international charities, including Greenpeace, the World Wildlife Fund, Amnesty International, and UNICEF.

Metro distributes 21 editions in 15 countries, and 13 languages. The newspaper circulates in Sweden, Prague, Hungary, the Netherlands, Helsinki, Malmo, Santiago, Zurich, Philadelphia, Toronto, Rome, Buenos Aires, Milan, Warsaw, Athens, Montreal, Barcelona, Boston, Madrid and Copenhagen.

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