International International: Interpublic, WPP win big in coke shakeup

International: Interpublic, WPP win big in coke shakeup

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International: Interpublic, WPP win big in coke shakeup

Interpublic, which lost $350 million in competing PepsiCo business last month, picks up most of the accounts: Diet Coke (Lowe, Lintas & Partners), Powerade (Foote, Cone & Belding), Dasani (FCB), Minute Maid juices (FCB), Simply Orange (FCB), High-C (FCB), Fruitopia (FCB), Fresca (likely Campbell Mithun), Citra (likely Campbell Mithun), Barq's root beer (likely Carmichael Lynch), Mad River (Lowe), Planet Java (Lowe) and Cherry Coke (McCann-Erickson Worldwide).

The shift, worth an estimated $93 million, according to last year's Taylor Nelson Sofres' CMR measured media figure, is to compensate Interpublic for the PepsiCo loss.

WPP, which Atlanta-based Coca-Cola is said to want as a backup network, gets its foot in the door with Sprite, Diet Sprite and Fanta in all markets.

In a memo that division marketing managers around the world received Oct. 5, Chief Marketing Officer Steve Jones laid out the rationale, saying, "Interpublic and WPP were selected because of their worldwide strategic and creative capabilities, strong infrastructure and their global reach to the 200 countries where we do business."

Meanwhile, independent shop Berlin, Cameron & Partners, New York, keeps Pibb and Mello Yello, and picks up Minute Main sodas. The agency had lost Dasani to FCB earlier this week. Another independent, Wieden & Kennedy, Portland, Ore., retain the energy drink KMX. Weiden had lost its Coke business last month.

Though it was dismissed from Coca-Cola Classic promotional work, Minute Maid juices and other small brands, Bcom3 Group continues to work on Walt Disney Co. branded beverages that are under development with Coca-Cola, according to an internal company document.

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